Cygnar vs Khador, Battle 12.09

Cygnar vs Khador MK1, 500pt armies. The Cygnar Army was lead by Major Markus ‘Seige’ Brisbane, with a Centurion, Gun mage Captain Adept, Journeyman Warcaster, 6 Long Gunners with Officer and Standard Bearer, 6 Precursor Knights with Officer and Standard Bearer, Field Mechaniks and last but not least Lady Aiyana / Master Holt.

The Khador Army was run by Old Witch of Khador with Scrapjack, Beast-09, Greylord Ternion, Iron Fang Pikemen, Winter Guard Mortar Crew, Widowmakers, Yuri the Axe, Manhunter, and the hotty known as Eiryss, Mage Hunter of Ios.

It started off rough for Cygnar. The Widowmakers advanced to some high ground and picked off a few Precursor Knights. The Long Gunners returned the favor by taking out a Widowmaker. The Scrapjack advanced though some woods getting close enough for the Old Witch to have the opportunity to do her feat. Scrappy was just close enough to Holt for the Witch to kill him out right with Strangling Chains. Eiryss took out the Gun Mage Captain. Then Scrappy charged the Precursor Knights. Ripping through the ranks.

After that things turned in favor of Cygnar. The remaining Precursor Knights, in  combination with some hot lead from the Long Gunners, took out Scrappy. The advancing Beast 09 got charged by the Centurion, which then Electro-Locked Beast 09’s Ice Breaker with his Magno Shield. Seige put a Ground and Pound on the Manhunter.

So as the front lines really start to get rocking, the IFP continue to advance down the middle of the field with the Witch screened behind them. They got close enough for the Witch to cast Murder of Crows on the Long Gunners. In doing so, the Witch was close enough for Seige to step up do his feat and put a Ground and Pound on the IFP and her. Followed by the Long Gunner Officers Suppressing Fire and finished by a Combined Ranged Attack from the rest of the Long Gunners. Victory for Cygnar came with some great rolls at key moments. The Battle was very fun and Old Witch has a lot of tricks.

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