Cephalyx, Agitators

I had debated on how i was going differentiate the 3 Agitators. Color seemed to be the easiest and fastest way to recognize them on the battle field. I painted these Agitators up to table top level. My favorite Agitator is Blue, then Red followed by Yellow. My goal is to have a fully painted Cephalyx army. This gets me one step closer.

Agitators are the surgical knives of a Cephalyx force. These sinister specialists hover across the battlefield to apply precise pressure to the enemy in order to ensure their enslaved drudges and monstrosities are performing to the utmost of their capacity. An agitator can determine the necessary course of action in the heat of battle, whether it be stirring their drudges to a fever pitch, controlling the minds of the enemy, or blasting those minds with cruel psychic force.

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