Gallant Cygnar Warjack

I had this jack for over a year, and finally decided to play a few Constance Blaize lists. And what’s a Blaize list without Gallant.

I didn’t go to crazy on the paint job. I just wanted to make him playable. But I did added some details to this model to set it apart from all other Gallants. First, I could not decide where to put the Marrowan cowl piece. Do i put on the shoulder or place it as a cowl detail. I found the answer by ordered two more. So i could put one on each shoulder and one on the cowl. Then i picked up a knight of the prophet shield to use a buckler on his sword arm. That was the finishing Marrowan touch.

Gallant-Cygnar-Warjack-01 Gallant-Cygnar-Warjack-02 Gallant-Cygnar-Warjack-03

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