Nyss Hunters conversion

I picked up Jonas Murdoch and debated on the right Mercenary unit to take with him. It came down to Cylena Raefyll and the Nyss Hunters or Sam MacHorne and the Devil Dogs . I went with Nyss Hunters. But down the line I may still pick up the Devil Dog, they are cool. So the only bad rap I have with the Nyss Hunters is, they are one of the Fugliest models in the game. There is a solution to this problem. Off with their heads! I used the heads from Warhammer Dark Eldar Wyches. I found 12 heads on eBay for around $6.00. You will have to drill out the neck hole with 1/8″ bit, to get the new heads to fit. The new heads make the models look soooo much better. Here is a sample of them in progress.

3 responses to “Nyss Hunters conversion

  1. Those heads really made them look amazing! 🙂 I’m considering holding of the paint job and ripping the heads of my models while I hunt on ebay 😉

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