Arena Battle – 11.09

I set up an arena to run MKI 350pt head-to-heads. Running in such a small space, gives very little room to hide. Every battle was all out balls to the walls. The arena master was none other than Reinholdt, Gobber Speculator. Reinholdt, Gobber SpeculatorHe was merely the facilitator for the matches. But with a twist. We gave him the power to randomly create an event each round. (roll die 6, 1-earth, 2–fire, 3–water, 4-summon a 3rd party creature, 5–machine gun fire randomly from the upper deck, 6 – nothing happens). We had three players, so the odd man out got to roll and pick the fate of the contestants. Two factions enter one faction leaves. Very fun fast pace all out warmachine. The first battle was Cygnar vs Cyrx. Victory to Cygnar. the Second battle was Cyrx vs Khador. Victory to Khador. Haley


Doom Reavers

Winter Guard Mortar Crew

Vladimir vs Deneghra

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